Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the parking like?

A: There is parking near the Festival grounds, however it is limited. There are two lots, one at the Aquarium and one at the Rogue Brewery. Parking at these lots are $5 per day.

Q: Is there a Shuttle Bus?

A: The Newport Seafood & Wine Festival provides a FREE bus shuttle to all patrons of the Festival. The shuttle stops at many of the local Hotels, Motels and popular Newport neighborhoods. Patrons may experience a wait particularly during peak Festival hours. Shuttles stop running 1 hour after the closing of the Festival. On Saturday the hours are extended for service to area restaurants.

Q: Are there Taxi cabs available?

A: There are many private groups that obtain a license to operate as a temporary cab service through the City of Newport. These cab services are available throughout the Festival weekend in addition to the regular cab companies in Newport.

Q: Are group tickets available?

A: Yes, group rates are available. You must have 15 or more in your party and all arrive at the same time. Please call 541.265.8801 to arrange your tickets.

Q: Is there a Festival guide book available?

A: There is not a printed guide book available for this year's festival. We encourage you to download our Mobile App to have access to festival information right at your fingertips. 

Q: Is this an indoor event?

A: The Newport Seafood & Wine Festival is located inside a tented venue.

Q: Coat Check/ Wine Check

A: There is a coat check near the main entrance of the Festival. You can check your coat for $3 and wine for $1 per bottle or $5 per case. We do not check purses or wallets. Purchasing cases of wine: If you decide to purchase cases of wine, you can check them at the Coat/Wine Check while you continue to enjoy the Festival.

Q: Can I bring my own wine glass?

A: You can bring your own wine glass; it must be clear in color. You can purchase a commemorative Seafood & Wine Festival glass at the door for $5.

Q: Q: Are children allowed?

A: No children are allowed during Festival hours, this is a 21 and over event only.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: No pets are allowed, although service animals are permitted.

Q: Is there a bag check?

A: Yes, upon entrance to the Festival there is a bag check. Prohibited items are: guns, knives, wine bottle openers, pepper spray, alcohol, open bottles or other items as deemed prohibited by security. Any items that have been confiscated can be picked up at the Festival entrance upon your exit of the Festival.

Q: What are the Festival Hours?

A: Thursday- 5pm – 9pm (Limited tickets available, online purchase only), Friday 12pm- 9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm (Online ticket sales ONLY), Sunday 10am-4pm.

Q: Is there any live music or scheduled events throughout the Festival?

A: We have a DJ that will be playing music throughout the Festival. There are no scheduled events.

Q: How long should I plan to be at the Festival?

A: You can spend as much time as it takes you to go through the Festival. On average, it can take two – three hours to fully experience.

Q: Will there be a line?

A: This year we have two E-Ticket entrances for E-ticket holders on Saturday during peak hours (11am-3pm). Ticket holders may still experience a delay in entry during Saturday’s peak hours.

Q: If I encounter a line and choose not to wait, will I be entitled to a refund?

A: No, during peak hours you may experience a delay in entrance. All E-ticket holders will be able to enter the Festival.

Q: Can unused Beer Tickets be redeemed?

A: No, unused beer tickets cannot be redeemed for cash or used outside of the Festival.

Q: Are there ATM’s?

A: There are two ATM’s available, one at the far North West corner of the tent and the other is at the far South East corner of the tent. There are visible signs above them to point them out.

Q: Are debit cards accepted?

A: Yes, most vendors accept debit cards, however during peak hours the Wi-Fi can become slow or delayed. We recommend having cash available.

Q: Is food and wine free once you’ve entered the Festival?

A: Food and Wine vendors charge a small tasting price starting at $1 and full meals and glasses of wine at menu price.

Q: Is there WiFi?

A: There is free WiFi at the Festival, no password is required.

Q: Are there restrooms?

A: There are many port-a-potties that are serviced each morning of the Festival, located at the West end of the tent.

Q: Is there smoking in the Festival?

A: You can smoke outside the Festival tent near the restrooms. Please stay 10 feet away from the entrances to the Festival.

Q: What is the weather like?

A: It is nearly impossible to predict the weather on the Oregon Coast; we have had everything from warm sunny days to snow. We will hold the Festival in a tented venue to help block you from the elements the best we can. There are no heaters in the tent.

Q: What do most people wear?

A: It is always smart to layer up on the Oregon Coast, if you get too warm inside the Festival, there is a coat check available near the main entrance of the Festival, the East end of the tent.

Q: What vendors will be at the Festival?

A: A list of vendors will be available in December, click here for the previous vendor list.

Q: Which wineries won medals?

We hold our annual Commercial Wine Competition the second weekend of February. Click here to view a list of our last year's medal winners.

Q: Where do vendors check in?

A: Vendors can start checking in at Door #6 on Wednesday February 22nd at 12pm. We request all vendors to be checked in and set up no later than 4pm on Thursday, February 23rd.

Q: Where is vendor parking?

A: The vendor parking lot is the Aquarium “Overflow/RV” parking lot located on Ferry Slip Rd, south of the Festival grounds.

Q: Where do volunteers check in?

A: Volunteers check in at Door # 6.

Q: If I am volunteering on Sunday can I come to the Festival on Friday or Saturday?

A: Yes, please bring your ID and email confirmation with you. You will be given your three day pass when you check in, please keep your wristband on throughout the whole weekend.

Q: Where should we plan to stay?

A: There are many wonderful accommodations for all budgets and sizes of your group. Please click here.

Q: What hotels are within walking distance to the Festival?

A: La Quinta, Holiday Inn Express and Motel 6. Camping at the Port of Newport is also within walking distance. We recommend making reservations plenty in advance, they do fill quickly.

Q: What else can we do in Newport?

A: There are many wonderful things to do in Newport visit Discover Newport and Newport Chamber to plan your trip.